Our Story

Hello and welcome to our story.

Take a rest and stay for a while because today, we’ll be travelling way back to the beginning. If you’ve used our mats before, bought through either our old website or eBay, then you might know a little bit about us already. However, I’d like to take this time to introduce ourselves and show everyone who we are.

Travellers Path is a battle mat focused RPG store for all your no-frills accessories. Recently founded at the tail-end of 2018, we had one goal in mind: bring high quality, custom-designed, PVC battle mats to the wider market. As dungeon masters ourselves, we have used everything under the sun as a cheap way to simulate battles on the table, chess boards, gridded notebooks, even the reverse side of wrapping paper! This all changed when one of us began to work for a large-format printing company, Edinburgh Banners. They started designing little encounters at home to print on the weekend in secret.