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Stamina Cleaning Potion


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Start your next adventure fresh with this stamina potion inspired mat cleaner. Not only does it remove pen markings completely & easily from your game mat, but it’s colour and motif make it a great prop that adds to the fantasy.

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Cleaning Potion

Our cleaning potions have been specially crafted using a diluted Isopropanol based water mix to clean your battle mat with no stains or damage to the print. They are sold in 10mL glass bottles with spray caps, and come in three varieties. Health is a deep red mix, mana is royal blue, and stamina is of course an apple green; each of these colours comes wrapped in a tribal dragon decal. For lasting use through thousands of dungeons to come, we highly recommend our cleaning potions.

*We only recommend?using our own cleaning fluid and dry erase marker pens to ensure you get the best out of your new battle mat.

  • 5% Isopropanol

  • Stain-Free Dye

  • Easy to Use Spray Bottle

  • Shatter Resistant

  • Completely Removes Dry-Erase*

  • Dragon Wrapped Decal

  • 24Hour Dispatch


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