Battle Marker Set

Our Battle Markers are perfect for writing on Travellers Path mats. These markers have been specially chosen for depth, flare, vibrancy, and mystery with a bullet point for longevity. We have then carefully vinyl wrapped trenches of water, dying flames, slates of obsidian, and a forest of trees on each marker to give them all a unique finish. To give these beautiful and carefully selected markers further life, they are carefully packaged individually in a reusable case to not spoil the joy of opening it again and again.

*We only recommend using our own cleaning fluid and dry erase markers to prevent staining and permanent damage to your new battlemat.

  • Hand Picked for Cleanliness

  • Long Lasting Ink

  • Easy Clean

  • Chalk Marker for Erasing

  • Odorless

  • Safe for use with all Battle Mats*

  • 24Hour Dispatch