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1. No Piracy

Do not link to, request, or encourage any form of piracy in any way. Remember our community shares their artwork and thoughts with the confidence that they will not be stolen from and profited off of.

2. No Streamed Content

All livestreams should be appropriately credited and linked to source. Any streamed content that consists of spam or attempted to be directly uploaded will be removed.

3. Comment Respectively

Our members are people too and no one should be torn down without constructive criticism. This forum is a safe space for content creators and RPG enthusiasts.

4. Unrelated Images and Videos

Any links to images or videos must be about RPG content or battlemats. All unrelated content will be deleted and disavowed.

5. Self-promotion

Self-promotion to your content should not link outside this forum or other parts of the website without permission of the moderators. Excessive spam will be deleted.

6. Have Fun and Create

Remember this is a creative and safe space! Enjoy sharing with the community and expressing your ideas on how to grow Travellers Path and tabletop gaming as a whole. Welcome to our forum!

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